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"Well Hello!"

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Eric was having quite a lovely day in the city of Paris! It had been so long since had been to France it was quite refreshing. Last time he was here he was near the Germany line visiting Prince Adam and his new bride with his own new wife. Eric was also traveling alone this time, Ariel has visiting her family under the sea and they hadn’t quite gotten the magic to make him a good merman tail yet.

Luckily for Eric there was a big festival happening in town today! Full of street performers, food, music, and games! Many people were shouting and waving trying to get attention of anyone that was passing. Such a tent caught Eric’s eye. 

"Step right up sir!" Said the showman. "Come and see your future!" Eric knew it was most likely farce, but he knew for a fact that magic was real. Worst case he would just have some harmless fun. Little did he know he was being watched by a pick pocket ready to steal his goods as soon as he got into the dark tent.

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"Believe me, Grim, when I find her I’ll know. Without a doubt; it’ll just —bam!— hit me. Like lightning!"

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Suitors II Aurora and Eric (AU)

Aurora gave a small smile as she approached from her throne. She noted the mechanical way he bowed and wondered if he was as tired of all this as she was.

"I suppose we’re to go into the kingdom and spend some time together." She said, offering him a small smile, beginning to lead him out of the throne room and the castle. "Is there anything you want to see, perhaps? I was told you’ve traveled. Must be nice."

They were soon at the courtyard of the castle. She hoped this day would not be unpleasant. She was beginning to get tired of making short work of the days she spent with the suitors.

Eric offered an arm to the young woman even though it was here who was leading him. It was only right plus it would be easier for him not to wonder off as he so often does when he is in a strange new place.

"We could." He said with a smirk. "I’d never turn down seeing someplace new. After all experience is a rare treasure that on one can take after all." He gave her a wink as they walked through the court yard. "I assume you would get quite bored constantly being the host and never the guest."

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