Prince Eric


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Aaron smiled and laughed silently.

They had made it to the town square with a variety of things going on. A lot of things like puppet shows, street performers, and live music. “Welcome to the town!” She declared. 

Six Months at Sea


Ariel frowned. “Maybe I should start following you. So I know that you are safe.”

"I wouldn’t worry to much, the only real trouble I’ve run into at sea is some big waves. I only know about mystical sea critters cause of you." He said tapping her noise.

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Aaron smiled and looked down at their hands and grabbed her hand, hoping she wouldn’t get mad.

Erica smiled and ran them down to the sables with a big smile. “Come you you silly lost boy.”

Six Months at Sea

Ariel giggled. “I could have. But I figured you wanted me to stay here so you knew I was safe.”

"Very true." He said walking into the town square looking about. "I’ve heard some tall tales about nasty things in the sea from the other sailors. Like giant sea serpents and a large squid that sinks ships." 

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Aaron smiled and walked toward the door.

"Alright alright excited boy. Lets head to the stables and see if we can get a carriage ready take us away." She said chuckling as the left the room.

Six Months at Sea




Ariel giggled happily. “yay!”

"Well then now that I’m back I sure we can manage to have some fun while we are out and about."

Ariel smiled and kissed him. “I’ve missed you so much!”

"I’ve missed you too." He said with a smile. "I kept looking out at the sea hoping a little mermaid was following me."


Erica just chuckled a bit and then found herself staring at the handsome guest. She was suddenly broken out of it by Glinda saying something about a tour of the kingdom. “Huh what?” She said bit lost. “Oh a tour! Yes of course.” She said turning to Eric. “What do you say Beach Boy? Wanna take a look around the kingdom?” She asked cocking an eye brow.

Aaron nodded excitedly. Standing up from the table.

Erica laughed and clapped her hands together. “Then its decided we shall have a tour of the kingdom. I hope you don’t tire out easily because we have a full day of fun ahead of us!” She teased as she stood up to look at her new friend.